March 14, 2023

Biden’s Budget: A Nation That’s At Risk

Fails to Prioritize Homeland and Border Security:

President Biden's budgets fail to prioritize the safety and security of the American people. He fails to adequately fund border and homeland security, leaving U.S. citizens vulnerable to the crime, gangs, and drugs pouring into our country.

  • Cuts funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by $600 million in the midst of self-inflicted crisis at our Southern border.
    • Since Biden took office, there have been over 4.6 million illegal crossings of our Southern border and more than 1.2 million “gotaways.”
  • Invites an influx of illegal immigration by establishing a nearly $5 billion dollar fund to facilitate the processing and release of illegal migrants into our country. Spends 3 times as much new money ($123M) on electric vehicles than combatting the fentanyl crisis.
    • Drug overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans 18-45 with over 100k drug overdose deaths in 2021 alone, , but Biden and Mayorkas have made clear their priority is ensuring DHS bureaucrats have electric vehicles.
  • Provides $3.9 billion for DHS’s “climate resilience programs.”
  • Funnels $3.9 billion to DHS “climate resilience programs.”
Projects Weakness by Prioritizing Wokeness

President Biden proposes to increase non-defense spending at more than twice the rate of defense. The President’s incredibly misplaced priorities send the wrong message to our adversaries.

  • Instead of prioritizing resources abroad for countering threats from adversaries such as China, Russia, or North Korea, the President wants to spend $3 billion to advance gender equity and equality around the globe.
  • Instead of investing in new military technologies or ensuring our troops have the resources they need, the President wants to give $1.6 billion to the Green Climate fund and quadruple U.S. international climate financing.
  • By ballooning non-defense spending, President Biden is neglecting to address our nation’s greatest threat: an unchecked national debt and deficit.
Emboldens Our Adversaries & Fails Our Troops:

The President has prioritized progressive initiatives that will only embolden our adversaries while failing to adequately fund our troops and support their safety & success.

  • The President’s Department of Defense budget aims to promote unrelated national security priorities like advancing “equity and [supporting] small disadvantaged businesses and underserved communities.”
  • While the Chinese Communist Party is making serious strides in the modern Space Race and is by far the largest carbon emitter on the planet, President Biden’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration budget is focused on reaching “net zero carbon emissions… no later than 2050… [by investing] more than $500 million in a suite of technologies… including hybrid-electric jets engines.”
  • The Budget requests $75 million at the Department of Energy to use the Defense Production Act to “enhance domestic supply chain capacity for key climate technologies.”