March 17, 2023

Budgets are Priorities, and the President’s Priorities Aren’t Those of the American People

President Biden has repeatedly said, “Show me your budget and I’ll show you your priorities.”

After combing through the President’s budget, it is clear that the President has very different values than the American people.

  • The President’s priority isn’t combatting the fentanyl crisis, it’s buying electric vehicles.
    • Grows the EPA, DOE, and other bureaucracies, but cuts DHS by $600M.
    • Spends 3x more on EVs as he does on the combatting the fentanyl crisis.
  • The President’s priority isn’t fighting inflation, it’s supercharging his attack on the Second Amendment.
    • Dedicates $2 billion to “increase regulation of the firearms industry.”
    • Provides $4.9 billion for a “gun crime prevention strategic fund.”
    • Devotes $30 billion in mandatory resources to “support State, local, and tribal efforts to protect U.S. communities.”
  • The President’s priority isn’t staving off a debt crisis, it’s increasing taxes by $4.7 trillion while growing the debt to $51 trillion in 10 years.
    • Increases government spending next year by a half a trillion dollars.
    • Contains the highest level of sustained spending in US history (>$80T over ten years; 18% over the historical average).
  • The President’s priority isn’t lowering gas prices, it’s pandering to the woke mob.
    • Dedicates $66 million for “Environmental Justice and Equity” at the Department of Energy.
    • Proposes $31 billion in tax hikes on energy companies, $16.5 billion in spending for climate science and clean energy, $24 billion in spending for programs that aim to boost resilience to the impacts of climate change, and more than $3 billion in spending to help developing nations adapt to climate impacts.
  • The President’s priority isn’t confronting China, it’s combatting international climate change.
    • Commits to “more than quadruple international climate finance.”
  • The President’s priority isn’t helping the farmers and ranchers who put food on our tables, it’s propping up the environmental lobby.
    • Prioritizes $7 billion of Department of Agriculture money for “climate related funding.”
  • The President’s priority isn’t decreasing the size and scope of the federal government, it’s auditing middle-class Americans.
    • Expands the budget of the Internal Revenue Service by 10 times their average annual budget in just two years.
    • Gives $15.1 million for the IRS police force to drive electric vehicles.
  • The President’s priority isn’t supporting American job creators, it’s increasing taxes and growing the size of government.
    • Makes the corporate tax rate higher than the Chinese Communist Party.
    • Provides a pay increase for federal employees that is higher than the average private sector employee.

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