December 14, 2021

Democrats Vote to Ignore Confronting Inflation as Prices Spike to 40-Year High

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Democrats voted to ignore the inflation crisis facing American families. During debate on the House Floor, Republicans offered an opportunity to revise the Fiscal Year 2022 budget resolution and turn Congress’ attention to legislation to reduce the deficit, combat runaway inflation, and help get Americans back to work. Democrats voted to reject that effort.

House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08) issued the following statement:

“The American people deserve a Congress that is focused on the problems they are facing in their everyday lives – a Congress that is delivering on policies to stop the runaway rise in prices which is a problem that has now reached a forty-year high. To do that, we need to get rid of the reconciliation instructions in the Democrats’ budget – the same reconciliation plan that has paralyzed Washington for months as Democrats fought over how to spend $5 trillion we don’t have. And we should instead replace them with instructions to bring forward a plan to reduce the deficit and stop the inflation that is destroying family budgets."

The Democrats’ objection to addressing America’s inflation crisis comes as they continue recklessly pursuing a tax and spending bill which the Congressional Budget Office recently confirmed will cost $5 trillion if the policies within the plan were made permanent, as Congressional Democrats and the White House intend.

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