April 10, 2024
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  • FAFSA Fumbles Continued: President Biden’s Student Aid Overhaul Leaves Students Stranded

          The Biden administration’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) overhaul has continued to yield one disappointing blunder after another.  

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    Via UWorld College Prep

    Despite a two-year preparation period, this rollout has been plagued by a litany of errors, delays, and setbacks, which have severely hampered the ability of students and families to plan for college. 

    A recent Washington Examiner article outlines how this botched execution underscores the urgent need for accountability within the Department of Education (ED)

    Word on the Street via The Washington Examiner:

    • “FAFSA has been plagued by error after error, delay after delay, and failure after failure, all of which have severely harmed the ability of students and families to prepare adequately for college and make informed decisions about their future in higher education.”

    • “The dates for the FAFSA rollout are important for several reasons, but especially because they create a manageable timeline for students to get their financial aid awards packages in time … Thanks to Cordray and FSA’s incompetence, that was thrown into flux.

    • “To this day, as FSA and the Department of Education continue to announce that they have corrected more glitches and failures with the new FAFSA, students are still waiting for financial aid letters while colleges and universities everywhere are wondering if they will have a sufficient number of students to fill their classrooms this fall. But amid this display of incompetence, there has been no accountability.”

    The Bottom Line:

    The Biden administration seems more focused on shifting student debt onto taxpayers than ensuring prospective students are equipped with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions regarding their college education.

    In the midst of this FAFSA crisis, this week, the Biden administration announced plans to implement yet another unilateral and wide-reaching student loan cancellation scheme.

    House Republicans oppose this failed approach. The House Budget Committee’s FY 2025 “Reverse the Curse” Budget Resolution ends current and future student loan bailouts, ensuring the ED focuses its time and resources on necessary programs and proper oversight, not President Biden’s attempts to buy votes.

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