February 22, 2021

House Budget Committee to Consider Biden Bailout Bill

House Budget Committee Republicans to Speak Up on Behalf of Working-Class Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the House Budget Committee will hold a markup of the nearly $2 trillion Biden Bailout Bill – the Democrat reconciliation package that has been cobbled together under the pretext of COVID-19 relief while clearly being little more than a vehicle for a slew of progressive agenda items.

This will be the first opportunity that the House Budget Committee will have had to consider any legislation related to the Fiscal Year 2021 reconciliation process – given that Democrats chose to bypass the Committee entirely when bringing their “shell” budget resolution to the House Floor earlier this month.

“Democrats are using the reconciliation process to move quickly because they have no interest in allowing Americans time to reflect on the policies they have proposed – policies that will drive up the cost of living, destroy jobs, and bailout states that lockdown their citizens,” said House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08). “That is why House Budget Committee Republicans will make sure that the thoughts and concerns of America’s working class are not ignored in today’s markup.”

Specifically, House Budget Committee Republicans will:

  • Expose the harm the Biden Bailout Bill will do to America’s working class.
  • Demand relief from every aspect of the bill that would drive up the cost of living for Americans on fixed incomes – particularly America’s seniors.
  • Call on Democrats to stop using COVID-19 as the pretext for President Biden’s political agenda.
  • Move to end the state and local government bailouts that encourage community lockdowns and destroy small businesses while doing serious harm to the physical and mental health of those communities.
  • Make clear that it is unacceptable for Democrats to pursue policies that disproportionately favor large urban communities and disadvantage rural communities.
  • Highlight the tremendous harm done to working-class Americans, particularly union workers, by President Biden’s executive orders, and call on Democrats to focus resources on supporting those harmed by the President’s actions.
  • Declare that the U.S. government must put American families and American workers first, ahead of other countries or global organizations, while ensuring taxpayer benefits do not flow to illegal immigrants.
  • Stand up for the residents and staff of America’s nursing homes and demand accountability on the part of the states to protect their nursing homes and be honest about the impact of COVID-19 on such populations.
  • Remind Democrats that their legislation risks undermining the healthcare of America’s seniors with drastic, automatic cuts to Medicare.
  • Call for funding provisions that will protect Americans by providing COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment to those illegal immigrants President Biden is inviting to cross the Southern Border.
  • Rather than encourage further lockdowns as Democrats have done, demand that funding and support go toward those who have suffered under state and local lockdowns – including the impact on mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence.
  • Shine a spotlight on the horrific consequences of the failure by community leaders to reopen K-12 public schools and demand that state and local governments receive not a dime until they follow the science and reopen the schools.
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