March 10, 2023


WASHINGTON – House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX), today joined "The Faulkner Focus" on Fox News to discuss President Biden's $6.8 trillion FY24 budget proposal, which contains the highest sustained levels of taxes, spending, and deficits in American history.

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Biden’s budget continues to invest in bloated bureaucracy, woke programs, and does nothing to foster growth, fight inflation, or help hardworking families.

"The President is completely out of touch on a number of fronts, including his hopes for getting this monstrosity of a budget passed. It is the highest levels of taxes, spending, and deficits in the history of the United States, and if people were worried about the last couple of years, the $6 trillion added to the debt, and the unsustainable debt trajectory we're on, and bankrupting our children's future. If they're worried about the assault on our energy, and energy dominance in America, and all this cradle-to-grave socialist, welfare without work, and I could go on. If they're concerned about that, then they will be terrified about what's in this budget. It is a lot more of the same."

With the highest sustained levels of taxes, spending, and deficits in American history, we can see that President Biden has every intention of doubling-down on his failed economic policies that have been devastating for millions of hard-working Americans. 

"Well... his whole tenure up to now has been characterized by placating the left, and the radical left's view. Their utopian fantasy of radically reimagining the United States would be hundreds of trillions of dollars. By the way, that's why he won't negotiate common sense spending controls in the debt ceiling negotiations, because that would say to them, 'We can't advance this agenda.' So yeah, that the spending, by the way, is driven by a few things, but one of them is high interest payments from their spending-induced inflation, right. So interest payments will go from a half a trillion, to one and a half trillion in 10 years, and five years along the way we'll be spending more in inflation, I mean in interest payments, than all of national defense."

President Biden's policies have harmed the American economy, causing 15 consecutive months of 40-year high inflation. Biden’s new budget fails to address our unsustainable national debt and leaves our nation on the brink of an unprecedented fiscal crisis.