May 17, 2023

ICYMI: Chairman Arrington on The Story

Chairman Arrington on the Limit, Save, Grow Act:

"Republicans did what the vast majority of American people, both Republican and Democrat expect their leaders to do. We acted responsibly, we acted with urgency. And we had a bill that was passed out of the House -  and sent to the Senate - that would would raise the debt ceiling, pay our bills, protect thegood faith and credit of the United States, and begin reining in the spending that's created this cost of living crisis and is pushing us closer and closer to the precipice of a sovereign debt crisis."

Chairman Arrington on President Biden's delay to act:

"The President needs to engage quickly. He's stalled for almost 100 days and he's got to roll up his sleeves and get this deal done so that the American people can believe that their leaders actually are considering these important matters, not traveling the world and ignoring them."

Chairman Arrington on work requirements:

"Half the Democrats in '96 and the president at the time, Bill Clinton, signed this very policy into law, requiring able-bodied adults, not pregnant women, not disabled or elderly people, but able-bodied adults who are capable to work if they receive public assistance. I think the vast majority of Americans think that's simple and straightforward. The vast majority of Democrats did at one time, I know their party has moved radically to the left. But this this needs to happen for the people that are trapped in dependence. It needs to happen because we also have a labor shortage in this country."

ICYMI - Chairman Arrington on The Story