September 20, 2023


FY24 - FY33 Budget Resolution

Washington’s bureaucratic, big government spending has gone for long enough.

It is time to SOUND THE ALARM about the danger out-of-control spending and unsustainable debt poses to our country and our children’s future.

Over the next decade, our annual deficits will double, and U.S. interest payments will triple. Our national debt has ballooned to $33 trillion—equivalent to more than $200,000 of debt per taxpayer—totaling the highest debt-to-GDP ratio since the Second World War. 

Today, House Budget Committee Republicans will vote for a fiscal future that will right-size our bureaucracy, reverse Democrats’ reckless and tax and spending spree, rein-in runaway mandatory spending, root out fraud and waste, reignite a pro-growth and prosperous American economy to finally reverse the curse. 

Change is coming. The balance is here. The status quo ends now:

Click here to watch the markup live starting at 10:00am ET.

Click below to view U.S. House Budget Resolution FY 2024 to FY 2033 text and materials:

Click below to read more about how the Budget Committee has been Sounding the Alarm on Bidenomics:


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