January 04, 2021

Ranking Member Smith Calls Out Speaker’s Rules Changes Hiding Costs of Radical Policies

New Republican Leader of the Committee on the Budget Outlined Three Changes to House Rules Allowing Majority to Hide New Spending   

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Republican Leader of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Jason Smith, issued a letter highlighting Democrats' changes to House Rules that would make it easier for them to irresponsibly spend taxpayer dollars on their progressive wish-list.

Upon releasing the letter, Ranking Member Jason Smith said,It’s only the 2nd day of the new Congress and already House Democrats are attempting to push through their radical agenda and hoping no one will notice.” Smith continued, “After more than two years of holding the Majority they haven’t been able to produce a budget but somehow found time to give themselves more power and be less transparent with the American people. These changes to House rules are to help the Majority accomplish one thing, pass an out-of-touch, big government agenda no one wants and put a hefty price tag on the backs of all working class Americans.”

The rules package includes: a continued use of a deeming resolution for fiscal year 2021 instead of a budget resolution; new broad budgetary exemption language, which removes legislation with massive budget effects from budgetary enforcement, including the House PAYGO rule; and removal of the rule prohibiting an increase in net direct spending in reconciliation instructions included in the budget resolution.

Read the full letter Here.