Republicans Commit to Building a Nation That’s Safe

House Republicans are committed to building a nation that’s safe which includes ending President Biden’s illegal freeze of border wall funds and providing the resources needed to secure the southern border, enforcing our laws, and upholding America’s national security.
“Americans deserve to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, violent crime and fentanyl overdoses are the price Americans are paying today because of the Democrats’ agenda of open borders and soft-on-crime policies. Earlier this year, House Budget Committee Republicans led the largest Congressional delegation to the southern border during the Biden Administration. We saw firsthand the human and financial cost of the President’s border crisis. Cartels are profiting nearly a billion dollars each month from human trafficking and drug smuggling, while billions of tax dollars are flowing to illegal immigrants to pay for free food, health care, transportation, and legal services as American citizens struggle to make ends meet. As part of Republicans’ Commitment to America, we will hold the Biden Administration accountable for ignoring our laws and failing to secure our southern border, including its illegal freeze of Congressionally-appropriated funds for the border wall, and fight to stop the flow of deadly fentanyl all over America. The American people deserve elected officials who will stand up for, and protect, their rights and freedoms. Republicans will do just that.”

– House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08)

Securing the Border
Republicans will fight to end Biden’s border crisis:

  • Eliminate Democrats’ illegal freeze of border wall funds
  • End catch-and-release policies
  • Fully account for tax dollars sent to illegal immigrants
  • Stand with Border Patrol


Biden’s Border Tab
Biden’s policies have left the border defenseless, costing taxpayers billions, including: