December 31, 2021

Smith Highlights Record Spending, Debt, and Taxes After One Year of Democrat Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08) issued the following statement today alongside the release of a fact sheet highlighting the consequences to the federal budget of one year of total Democrat control in Washington. “The American people have watched for the last year as Washington Democrats wasted their time and attention attempting to pass massive spending and tax increases alongside a stack of misguided policies that will bankrupt our economy, benefit the wealthy, and build the Washington bureaucracy. Whether it be the President’s foolish decision to cancel funding for construction of the border wall that contributed to the worst immigration crisis in decades; or passing the $2 trillion Biden Bailout Bill, of which less than 9 percent went to combating COVID-19, that is fueling the highest spike in consumer prices in 40 years. “Washington Democrats even attempted to deceive the American people about the true cost of their reckless tax and spending bill by making the bizarre claim it would cost ‘zero.’ The Congressional Budget Office has now confirmed the plan would actually spend $5 trillion and add $3 trillion to the national debt. “The Biden Administration has failed in its responsibility to be transparent and accountable while looking the other way as billions in waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars pile up on their watch. They have ignored their responsibility to govern, leaving the American people to fend for themselves against an onslaught of national crises. Alongside Congressional Democrats, President Biden has squandered the past year attempting to ram through a radical partisan agenda that only threatens to make worse the challenges facing the American people.” Click HERE or on the image below to read House Budget Committee Republicans’ Budget Balance Sheet for 2021.