February 03, 2021

Smith Statement on House Passage of the Democrat FY21 Blank Check Reconciliation Trigger

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08) issued the following statement today after House Democrats passed H.Con.Res. 11, a resolution to start a partisan reconciliation process:

“House Democrats have passed a budget resolution, which lacks any actual budgeting, through the House to jumpstart a partisan process to enact a radical agenda. President Biden has called for unity, and yet the only measure of bipartisanship we have seen thus far in a Democrat-controlled Washington was today’s bipartisan vote in opposition to the Democrat budget. The Democrat plan will further bailout state governments many of which have forced small businesses in communities all across America to close down, have kept children out of schools and citizens out of their houses of worship. But beyond the stimulus spending Democrats are calling for in the near-term to bailout their political allies in blue state capitals, there is the long-term destruction that would come from radical policies Democrats in Washington want to enact under the fast-track authority this budget resolution provides. Those policies will increase the cost of living for American families, destroy jobs, and weaken our economy. We need to reopen our communities, our schools, and create more opportunity for America’s working class.”