December 04, 2023

Two Years, Zero EV’s President Biden Can’t Buy Us Out of This Mess

In December 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration boasted ambitious plans to encourage electric vehicle sales and manufacturing in the United States. The $7.5 billion plan came with promises of clean transportation accessibility and 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. Two years later, the American people are left with no chargers and wondering where their hard-earned dollars are going.

Word on the Street: 

Via Politico Pro

  • States and the charger industry blame the delays mostly on the labyrinth of new contracting and performance requirements they have to navigate to receive federal funds. While federal officials have authorized more than $2 billion of the funds to be sent to states, fewer than half of states have even started to take bids from contractors to build the chargers — let alone begin construction. 

  • Consumer demand for electric vehicles is rising in the United States, necessitating six times as many chargers on its roads by the end of the decade, according to federal estimates. But not a single charger funded by the bipartisan infrastructure law has come online and odds are they will not be able to start powering Americans’ vehicles until at least 2024. 

  • Getting chargers up and running across the country is essential to reaching President Joe Biden’s goal of having half the vehicles sold in the United States be electric by the end of the decade — a key cog of his climate agenda. Americans consistently say the lack of charging infrastructure is one of the top reasons they won’t buy an electric car. 

  • Aatish Patel, president of charger manufacturer XCharge North America, is worried the delays in installing chargers are imperiling efforts to drive up EV adoption.


The Big Picture:

President Biden’s green agenda has cost hardworking taxpayers billions of dollars, and the American people are not seeing any return on their investment. The Administration insists that the pace of the rollout is by design. However, President Biden’s attempts to build out clean energy manufacturers is so rushed and poorly planned out that companies affiliated to the Chinese Communist Party have been able to acquire U.S. green tax credits. 

Biden’s green tax subsidies also proved to disproportionately benefit wealthier consumers and are inflationary to the economy, making homes and autos more unaffordable to the American people. 

Ford cut back 40% of production on a $3.5 billion EV battery plant, costing around $1.5 billion and 1,700 jobs. These massive cuts were due to low market demand, 

Improper program rollout coupled with decreasing confidence in President Biden’s empty promises have rendered American consumers less interested in purchasing an electric vehicle.

The Bottom Line: 

The facts are clear. It is time President Biden wakes up to the reality that his green energy plan hurts the very people he claims to be helping. Hardworking families already struggle to make ends meet. They shouldn’t be shouldering the financial burden of President Biden playing politics with his wealthy friends. The demand for electric vehicles just isn’t there among Americans.

House Republicans are determined to reduce spending, lower inflation, and provide transparency to the American consumer to boost confidence in how their government spends their hard-earned dollars. The American people deserve accountability and transparency.