April 01, 2021

Biden's Build Back by Borrowing & Taxing Plan

“Repairing roads, bridges, and highways is more the talking point than the actual point of the President’s plan.” – House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith

$2 trillion on “infrastructure”…not so much:

  • Less than 6 percent ($115 billion) for roads and bridges
    • 43 percent more is spent on mass transit and rail ($165 billion) than for roads and bridges
  • Less than 2 percent ($42 billion) for waterways, locks, dams, ports, and airports
  • Less than 5 percent ($100 billion) for broadband
    • 74 percent more is spent on subsidies for electric vehicles ($174 billion) than for broadband. 
  • Meanwhile, most of the bill consists of non-infrastructure provisions such as: 
    • $400 billion for expansion of Medicaid
    • $213 billion for housing and to increase federal control of local housing markets
    • $100 billion of additional funding for schools without requiring them to reopen
    • $50 billion for a new office at the U.S. Department of Commerce
    • $35 billion for climate science, innovation, and R&D
    • $10 billion for a new “Civilian Climate Corps”
    • Overturns right-to-work laws in 27 states
  • White House fact sheet says “climate” 20 times; says “Highway Trust Fund” ZERO times
  • Spends billions of tax dollars on job training for Americans who lost their jobs as a result of Biden’s Executive Orders
  • $2.3 trillion cost = FOUR TIMES the cost of building the national interstate highway system
But wait, there’s more:
  • Yet another $2 trillion: The Biden Administration is planning to release another spending package soon that will reportedly be of equal size in spending.
  • Combined, that $4 trillion would be in dollars the largest spending increase in American history.
  • If Washington Democrats get their way, Congress will have enacted almost $10 trillion in spending in a single year – more than the total combined wages paid to all American workers each year.
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