March 31, 2021

Smith: “Washington Democrats are embracing an historically disturbing appetite for spending.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08) issued the following statement on President Biden’s latest massive spending plan:

“Washington Democrats are embracing an historically disturbing appetite for spending. They just passed a nearly $2 trillion bailout bill. President Biden is now proposing they turn right back around and cut a check for another $2 trillion to spend on a massive grab bag of policies all tied together with talking points. All the while, the President reportedly has yet another $2 trillion spending proposal in his back pocket awaiting its own news cycle.

“The $2 trillion the President is proposing today would be four times what this country spent to build the interstate highway system. If Washington Democrats get their way, Congress will enact almost $10 trillion in spending in just one year. That’s more than the total combined wages paid to American workers each year. It will mean more borrowing from the Chinese Communist Party while taking trillions out of the economy and out of the pockets of the American people for Washington Democrats to spend as they see fit.

“Repairing roads, bridges, and highways is more the talking point than the actual point of the President’s plan. In fact, less than six percent of the proposal goes toward roads, bridges, and highways. This spending agenda is about giving Washington more power and influence to interfere in the lives and livelihoods of America’s working class. And Washington Democrats are demanding their agenda be passed as quickly as possible – likely through another purely partisan exercise – precisely so they can get everything done before Americans have time to notice what’s really going on here.”