September 27, 2023


A plan to reduce the deficit by $16 trillion and balance the federal budget in ten years

Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) unveiled the FY24-FY33 Budget Resolution blueprint entitled “Reverse the Curse: The Plan to Restore Fiscal Responsibility, Economic Freedom, and Prosperity in America.”

Washington insiders doubted the Committee from the beginning. The pundits and cable news talking heads balked at the idea of balancing in ten. Last week, the Committee proved them wrong and passed the FY24-FY33 budget resolution by a vote of 20-14.

The Reverse the Curse blueprint tells the story of how House Budget Republicans got it done, offering analysis and insight into the Committee initiative’s most impactful policy prescriptions to eliminate wasteful spending by $16 trillion, refocus America’s national priorities, and balance the federal budget in ten years.

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Find the House Budget Republicans’ Reverse the Curse Blueprint HERE.

Unveiling the blueprint, Chairman Arrington said:

“The House Budget Committee took the first step in reversing the curse and restoring America’s fiscal sanity by passing a budget resolution molded by the guiding principles and policy prescriptions enshrined in this blueprint.

"I want to thank all our committee members for engaging in this process, elevating the discourse, and doing the hard work the American people expect us to do. I also want to thank our House Budget Committee staff who worked tirelessly over the last nine months to making the Reverse the Curse a reality.”


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The budget resolution passed by the Committee last week was anchored by the following 6 pillars of the blueprint:

  • Right-size the bloated federal bureaucracy by eliminating wasteful and unnecessary discretionary spending.
  • Reverse Biden’s spending spree over the last two years.
  • Rein-in runaway mandatory spending through entitlement reforms that by put patients in charge of health care, strengthen Medicare for seniors, make Medicaid work for the most vulnerable, and end cradle to grave dependence.
  • Root out the rampant waste and fraud in our entitlement programs.
  • Reignite growth and prosperity with lower taxes, real regulatory reform, energy independence, and America first trade policies.
  • Reform the broken budget process to make it more transparent and accountable so that it will yield more responsible results.  

Click HERE for additional information, one-pagers, and fact sheets on the FY24-FY33 Budget Resolution.