September 28, 2023

ICYMI: Chairman Arrington Joins The Claman Countdown

Today, Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) joined the Claman Countdown on Fox Business to discuss the latest developments regarding the impending government shutdown. Arrington discusses the complexities of the issue within the House Republican Conference and underscores the importance of reforming how Washington taxes and spends our taxpayers’ money.

Arrington on the Shutdown: 
Republicans have an opportunity to use the power of the purse and work together on an internal Republican compromise that will get us to a Ronald Reagan 80/20 on the price tag. Then we will put it on Chuck Schumer's lap to answer the question: Do you want to keep the border wide open or shut the government down? Do you want to rein in the spending? Or do you want to shut the government down? Republicans must get a unified funding package across the transom and over to the Senate to make that happen. We're still working feverishly to make that happen in the next couple of days.”

“We must deliver results. The only way that happens is if we unify, if we push through, and we don't let perfect be the enemy of good.”

Arrington on Reaching an Agreement: 
“I don't want to see a government shutdown because Republicans can't rally around a unified funding package… There are plenty of other members of my Republican conference in the House who agree, if we give our funding package to the Senate, and they return it without any border security measures, that is dead on arrival. As I've said before, what good is funding a federal government if it won't do its first and most important job, protecting the American people and providing a common defense?”

Chairman Arrington Joins Claman Countdown