June 05, 2024
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  • President Biden’s 180 on Border Security: Political Showmanship and Broken Promises

    WASHINGTON D.C. – Yesterday, President Biden signed an Executive Order in a farfetched attempt to secure our border. The order uses the same Section 212(f) authorities of the Immigration and Nationality Act that he derided President Trump for using.

    President Biden’s order purports to strengthen the asylum screening process, create actions to quickly resolve immigration cases, and initiate closer ties with the Mexican government to tackle the fentanyl crisis. Not only is it ironic that these provisions seek to repair the greatest self-made failure of Biden’s presidency, the border crisis, but these policies could have been enforced on day one.

    Biden's Border Blunder:

    President Biden recognizes that Americans are not buying his political messaging and in turn, released this sham of a “crack down” on border protection solely to gain votes.

    Biden’s open border policies throughout his Presidency have intentionally lured millions to come through our Southwest border.  This has led to nearly 8 million encounters with illegal immigrants since President Biden took office. The cost to cover this unprecedented surge in illegal immigration comes out to at least $150 billion annually – paid in full by U.S. Citizens.

    President Biden is now trying to reverse course. The reality is that this is too little, too late, and should be seen as a slap in the face to Americans.

    As Chairman Arrington said during his opening statements at the House Budget Committee’s hearing titled the “Cost of the Border Crisis”:

    "The greatest national security threat to the American people is posed by these open borders. The social cost has consistently been well in front of the American people. I don't think we've talked enough about the financial burden to taxpayers and the fiscal impact.”

    The Cost of Biden's Open Border Policies:

    Biden’s Presidency thus far has done incredible damage the American people. The House Budget Committee has been Sounding the Alarm on the cost of Biden’s open border policies. According to FAIR’s most recent report, it costs the American taxpayer a total of $150.7 billion in 2023 to house, feed, clothe, jail, adjudicate, care for, and shelter nearly 22 million illegal immigrants. That is $8,776 per illegal immigrant, per year.

    The open border policies under President Biden have not only resulted in higher federal and state costs, but have also caused an unprecedented surge in crime, drug trafficking, and terrorist apprehensions, forcing the American people to foot the bill for a policy that is leaving them more vulnerable.  

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    The Bottom Line:

    While President Biden may sign executive actions to buy votes and feign responsible governance, the numbers prove that his efforts are too little too late. His open border policies have created this burden, and Americans are paying the price. While the President will pretend to secure our Southern border, the House Budget Committee will continue holding him accountable by exposing the true cost of the Administration’s radical policies and continue to protect the American taxpayer.

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