October 06, 2022

Smith: Republicans’ Commitment to America Demands an Accountable Government

House Republicans are committed to holding the government in Washington accountable by protecting America’s constitutional freedoms, investigating the crises created by Democrats’ failed policies, and restoring the people’s voice in Congress.
“House Republicans are fighting to make the Biden Administration answer for the many crises its failed policies have created for the American people. Our first priority will be repealing the 87,000 IRS agents that Washington Democrats are hiring to target taxpayers – a blatant attempt by Democrats to unleash the bureaucracy on middle class families. Americans are tired of Washington Democrats ignoring high prices, ignoring the crime in our communities, ignoring the lack of security at our border while they spend all of their time and trillions in taxpayer dollars on a political agenda aimed at giving welfare to the wealthy and big corporations.” - House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08)
ACCOUNTABILITY House Republicans will rein in Democrats’ reckless agenda that is putting America in a state of crisis.
  • Beginning with repealing the 87,000 new IRS agents that Democrats hired to target more taxpayers
  • Demanding accountability from the IRS with its troubling track record of abuse.
OVERSIGHT House Republicans will not allow Biden Administration officials to simply ignore and avoid Congressional oversight.
  • Republicans will use every tool at our disposal to get answers for the American people on how and why the Administration and Washington Democrats have pursued their own far-left agenda at the expense of working families.
AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN (ARP) Biden’s $2 trillion spending law sparked the inflation crisis and left behind a massive trail of waste and abuse.
EXECUTIVE SPENDING Biden has spent over $1 trillion without Congressional approval.
BORDER CRISIS Biden’s open-border policies are costing taxpayers billions.