March 22, 2024
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  • The Reality Behind the Rhetoric: Voters See Through Biden’s Talking Points

    Members of the House Budget Committee have long been sounding the alarm on the realities of our bleak economy due to the Biden administration’s reckless spending and failed economic policies. 

    A WG Discussion Points article from last week sheds light on the dissonance between the White House’s economic messaging and the reality faced by the American people.

    Word on the Street:  

    Via WG:

    • “If a message is not believable, it will not have standing with voters, and this is why much of the current political messaging on both sides falls flat. The White House seem perplexed as to why President Biden’s economic arguments have not moved voters, but as our previous work has found, voters do not believe many of the statements.”

    • “The chart below takes four statements from the SOTU and matches them up to prior statements made by the President or the White House. We tested these in the February 24-25 Winning the Issues survey to see if voters did or did not believe them.”

    graph WG


    • “If the Biden campaign hopes to move the President’s re-election numbers, they must start making arguments that voters find believable and not simply repeat assertions that voters will tune out.”

    The Bottom Line:

    This research demonstrates the American people do not believe President Biden’s rhetoric about the state of the economy. The truth is, families continue to struggle under the weight of high prices and slow wage growth. The cost of goods has outpaced the growth in family income over the past three years. 

    The data demonstrate there is a chasm between the rhetoric and the reality of what comes out of the White House.  

    The House Budget Committee is committed to highlighting the truth about Biden’s fiscal failures and reckless spending. And why the White House claims about success do not resonate with the public.  Our “Reverse the Curse” plan, recently passed out of the House Budget Committee, offers real solutions about how to get this country back on track. 

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