March 22, 2024
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  • House Budget Committee Holds Biden Administration Accountable at Hearing on the President’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Request with OMB Director Shalanda Young

    On Thursday, March 21, House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) and members of the House Budget Committee held a hearing titled “The President’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Request.” 

    Yesterday marked an important step in Congressional oversight and holding the Biden administration accountable for its unbridled spending. OMB Director Shalanda Young provided testimony and members questioned her on contents of the President’s budget proposal.

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    There couldn’t be a clearer contrast between President Biden’s proposed budget and House Republican’s FY 25 “Reverse the Curse” budget. See below for member highlights from the hearing that tell the story:

    Word on the Street:

    Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TXsaid:

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    Click HERE to watch Chairman Arrington’s Opening Statement.

    “Here are some things I've taken away from the beliefs. This budget suggests that the President and those who support the President believe that we should expand entitlements when we haven't even paid for the two most important, Social Security and Medicare, which are going to be insolvent. We have more people trapped in dependency on the government than we've ever had because we don't have real consideration for work-capable people going back to work who receive assistance…

    … we [House Republicans] believe in less government, less spending, less taxes, more empowerment of the American people more freedom, for a better quality of life, for prosperity that will raise all boats that will give that will create the greatest anti-poverty program ever known to man.”

    Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) said:

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    Click HERE to watch Rep. Ferguson’s questioning. 

    ““[The] President has really hammered us and hammered Republicans with a false narrative that we want to cut Social Security. But, in this very budget you’re [The Biden administration is] going to cut Social Security payroll tax receipts by $17 billion over the 10-year period. How do you square that? I mean, we have a solvency problem. We have a huge spending problem at the Social Security Administration. And yet, when you look at this, this budget cuts 17 billion out of out of receipts.

    Treasury Secretary Yellen is over the Senate right now having discussions with the Senate panel. She had an exchange with Senator [Cassidy]. When Senator [Cassidy] was going down the road of asking what the number generated by people by raising payroll taxes on people making over $400,000, in essence, she said the President doesn't have a plan. He has principles and wants to work with Congress to protect Social Security and extend extended solvency. We haven't had the administration come to us and talk to us about a plan.”

    Budget Process Reform Task Force Chair Rep. Rudy Yakym (R-IN) said:

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    Click HERE to watch Rep. Yakym’s questioning. 

    “Instead of acknowledging the crisis at the border, the playbook has been to cast blame on others and downplay it. It's the same playbook that we've seen with inflation, when we were told it would only be temporary or transitory. Americans still feel the pain inflicted by Bidenomics wherever they turn.”

    Health Care Task Force Chair Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) said:

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    Click HERE to hear Rep. Burgess’ questioning. 

    “This budget from the President proposed five new entitlement programs, and we couldn't afford the ones we already had. I was astounded to hear him admit that.”

    Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) said:

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    Click HERE to watch Rep. Good’s questioning. 

    “It's astonishing that the President's most recent projected proposed budget actually increases over last year's record largest proposed budget ever. This new budget proposes some $4 trillion more and spending some $5 trillion more in taxes on the American people.”

    The Bottom Line:

    Yesterday, marked a significant stride toward ensuring accountability and transparency for the Biden administration. The President’s budget reflects beliefs that do not align with the values of the American people and it will undeniably leave our country in fiscal ruin

    The House Budget Committee will continue to sound the alarm on the reckless spending habits of the administration.  House Republicans’ FY2025 “Reverse the Curse” budget provides a stark contrast to President Biden's four years of fiscal failure and prioritizes less government intervention, lower taxes, and empowerment of the American people.