October 05, 2023

UN-BREAK MY HEART: The Left Starts Ditching Bidenomics


President Biden wants us to believe that the term ‘Bidenomics’ indicates a record of economic success. But, after nearly three years of record inflation and interest rates that continue to climb, the American people just aren’t buying it. 

An NBC poll last week showed only 28 percent of Americans say they are “very” or “somewhat satisfied” with the economy.

Can you blame them? 

Commodity prices are going up, forcing families to choose between putting food on the table or gas in the car. The rising cost of doing business is making it hard to stay open. 

Rising mortgage rates are making homeownership – once a staple of the American Dream - unattainable to hardworking families.

Bidenomics is becoming impossible to defend, even among the most ardent talking-head cheerleaders of this Administration’s tax-and-spend policies. 


Josh Kraushaar in Axios writes“Look beyond the headlines and it's easy to see why so many middle- and working-class Americans are feeling economic pain.”

Catherine Rampell in the Washington Post writes: “…maybe Americans don’t feel like Bidenomics is working for them because it seems to be fixated on a sector that almost no Americans work in anymore, that doesn’t feel relevant to their daily lives and that isn’t actually doing so great right now.”

Reid Epstein in the New York Times writes“…difficult for the Biden administration to take victory laps over slowing inflation because wages haven’t kept pace, leaving a typical worker about $2,000 behind compared with before the pandemic.”

Adam Cancryn and Holly Otterbein in POLITICO writes: "President Joe Biden placed a big bet that he could sell an improving economy under the banner of ‘Bidenomics.’ Three months later, some allied Democrats fear he’s made a serious misstep.”