January 23, 2024
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  • WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Supporters Sound Off on Passage of Debt Commission in Bipartisan Committee Markup

           Last week, the House Budget Committee held a markup for three bipartisan budget process reform proposals, including the Fiscal Commission Act of 2024. All the proposals passed out of Committee—and it’s got people talking. 

    From stakeholders to journalists, to industry experts to policymakers on both sides of the aisle, people are excited for what these legislative proposals could mean for the future of Washington’s broken budget process.

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    Click HERE for highlights of our member and stakeholder press conference and HERE for highlights from the Committee Markup.

    See below for stakeholder statements of support:

    FreedomWorks: “FreedomWorks Applauds Committee Approval of Fiscal Commission Act”:

    “We applaud the House Budget Committee for voting to approve the Fiscal Commission Act in a bipartisan fashion… Congress adds $1 trillion to the debt every 140 days. We’re at the beginning of a death spiral. Congress has to find a way to pull us out of it. The Fiscal Commission Act provides the process.”
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    Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CFRB): “Now is the Right Time for a Bipartisan Fiscal Commission”
    Maya MacGuineas, President of Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: 

    “We commend Chairman Arrington and Representatives Huizenga and Peters for their critical work on establishing a fiscal commission…A bipartisan fiscal commission would give the country’s dire fiscal situation the proper attention it deserves...Commissions have worked in the past, and a new commission is probably our best current hope for curing our fiscal woes.” 
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    National Taxpayers Union (NTU)Just in Time: House Committee to Consider Improved Pro-Taxpayer Plan for Fiscal Commission”. 
    Demian Brady, Vice President of Research at the National Taxpayers Union: 

    "The Fiscal Commission Act provides a way for members from across the aisle, along with outside experts and an informed public, to meaningfully work together on budget reform to tackle the debt - $34 trillion and counting - that Washington has amassed."

    NTU also led a coalition in sending a letter of support for the fiscal commission bill ahead of the House Budget Committee’s Markup. 

    Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW): “Establishing a Fiscal Commission Could Help Reduce Federal Spending”
    Alec Mena, State Government Affairs Associate of Citizens Against Government Waste: 

    "For their constituents’ sake, lawmakers cannot afford to ignore the ballooning national debt or continue their irresponsible spending.  The Fiscal Stability Act and Fiscal Commission Act of 2023 would make the first welcome steps toward fiscal discipline and sustainable economic growth." 
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    Cato Institute: “With $34 Trillion in Debt, House Budget Committee Debates the Fiscal Commission Act”
    Romina Boccia, Director of Budget and Entitlement Policy at CATO:

    "The Fiscal Commission Act of 2023 is a promising vehicle for highlighting the policy choices necessary to sustainably stabilize the debt. Its work will be critical to advancing greater public and member understanding of the challenge before us.” 
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    Peterson G. Peterson Foundation: “Statement on Fiscal Commission Bill Passing House Budget Committee”
    Michael A. Peterson, CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation: 

    “Committee passage of the Fiscal Commission Act is an important step toward a comprehensive approach to stabilizing our rapidly growing national debt. It is especially encouraging that this bill passed with support from both Democrats and Republicans on the committee, adding to the growing momentum for a commission. This reflects the broad consensus from voters nationwide, with nine-in-ten Americans supporting a bipartisan fiscal commission.” 
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    Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Action: “Now Is The Time for a Bipartisan Fiscal Commission”

    “BPC Action commends the House Budget Committee for advancing the Fiscal Commission Act to the full House of Representatives today. The nation is on an unsustainable fiscal trajectory, and today’s committee action to establish a fiscal commission is a concrete step toward finding productive and collaborative ways to address it.”
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    Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) 
    Paul Winfree, President & CEO of EPIC:

    I was honored to stand with the members of the House Budget Committee after they took a critical step to advance the fiscal commission. Thank you to Speaker Johnson and Chairman Arrington for their leadership.”

    R Street Institute: “Nan Swift Statement for the Record, Markup of Budget Reform Legislation”
    Nan Swift, Resident Fellow at R Street Institute: 

    “R Street Institute applauds the House Budget Committee for initiating much-needed budget and spending reforms…Implementing the House Budget Committee’s agenda for reform—creating a solutions-oriented fiscal commission and enhancing transparency and oversight on a national level—could stem the rising tide of red ink that threatens to swamp our future.”
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    Tax Foundation: “How to Rein in the National Debt”
    William McBride, Erica York, Alex Durante: 

    “Now is the time for lawmakers to focus on long-term fiscal sustainability, as further delay will only make an eventual fiscal reckoning that much harder and more painful. Congressional leaders should follow through on convening a fiscal commission to deal with the long-term budgetary challenges facing the country.”
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