June 07, 2024
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  • Chairman Arrington Joins Neil Cavuto’s Coast to Coast to Discuss President Biden’s Failed Leadership & Broken Promises

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) joined Neil Cavuto’s Coast to Coast on Fox Business to discuss President Biden’s lack of accountability toward Ukraine aid and his failed attempt at securing our Southwest border.

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    Watch Chairman Arrington’s full interview on Fox Business HERE.
    Find highlights of key moments below:

    Chairman Arrington on Foreign Aid Support Package:

    “Well, I think it's true, we should unite as an alliance of freedom loving countries against tyranny. I think those alliances are important – the world is getting more dangerous. And we can't just go it alone. We need Europe to take ownership as we provide the targeted support for Ukraine.

    I think there's a lot of discretionary monies in the Ukraine package. And for the reasons I mentioned earlier, and for the reason I'm going to tell you here in a minute. I didn't support it. Because I think there's also questions about the competency, post Afghanistan, on the decisions that are being made when you give discretion to this particular commander in chief.

    I think he should apologize to the American people for not putting the resources and the attention to the invasion at our southern border, and not just an invasion of Ukraine by our common enemy, Russia, and maybe even an apology to our children, because we didn't pay for it. And they will inherit the whirlwind of a 35 trillion and counting national debt.”

    Chairman Arrington on the Border Crisis:

    “If we're going to do these things - and I think there's a security interest for our country to support Ukraine in the right way - we need an end game. We can't have endless draw downs and a lot of discretion to this President, when we don't even know the desired goals are where we can find a peace agreement there. And that's, I think, critical to being responsible as stewards of America's interest and their treasure.

    I feel like there's hyper partisanship in the decision model over at the White House, whether it's this recent executive order on the border, or student loan forgiveness, that's going to cost another trillion dollars to taxpayers in the future, probably our children and even saying here, Ukraine, here's some more weapons and munitions to be aggressive in defense of your sovereign country, but then withholding from Israel, munitions and weapons and putting prohibitions on them defending themselves against the attacks of terrorists.

    So, I have concerns about competency and the hyper political nature decision making over there.”

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