May 02, 2024
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  • President Biden’s Student Loan Scheme Could Cost Taxpayers $1.4 Trillion

    President Biden’s continued student loan “cancellation” scheme not only incentivizes skyrocketing tuition but also punishes working-class taxpayers, exacerbating our nation’s debt and deficit crisis in the process.

    A new analysis from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) projects that President Biden’s student loan cancellation plans could cost taxpayers a combined $870 billion to $1.4 trillion.[1]

    Word on the Street: 

    Via CRFB:

    • “To put $870 billion to $1.4 trillion in further context, this range suggests the cost of recent debt cancellation is likely higher than:
    • All historic spending on higher education prior to the COVID-19 pandemic ($744 billion from 1962 to 2019)
    • All projected education appropriations over the next decade ($935 billion from 2025-2034)
    • The federal cost of offering universal pre-K and universal affordable child care ($750 billion)
    • The cost of tripling the Pell Grant program ($675 billion)”


    The Bottom Line: 

    Make no mistake – President Biden is not “forgiving” loans; he’s transferring the debt from borrowers who willingly took out student loans onto the backs of working-class taxpayers who did not. 

    Here’s how President Biden unilaterally shifted the cost of higher education onto those who can least afford it:

    • More than 60 percent of Americans do not have a college degree. 
    • 87 percent of adults without student loans will be forced to pay for the 13 percent who do. 
    • 56 percent of all student loan debt is owed by the 14.3 percent of individuals with graduate degrees.

    Graph 2

    More From the House Budget Committee on Biden's Student Loan Scheme: 

    In stark contrast, the House Budget Committee’s FY 2025 “Reverse the Curse” Budget Resolution protects taxpayer dollars and calls for ending current and future student loan bailouts.

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    [1] This estimate does not include Biden’s $330 billion student loan bailout plan that was found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court last summer.